Friday, April 10, 2009

I've been a loser for how long?


I got this in the mail from hotmail the other day. 10 years + (PLUS!?)

To be fair, it's been 12 years. 12 friggin years online, and I was smart and set up a hotmail account for spam right off the bat. You should have heard my ex when I said a hotmail account
"What's a hot MALE account!" (yelling).
"It's M-A-I-L dear"
"oh - well why do they call it hot?"
"I dunno, cuz it's fast?"


Anyway, I have been on the net since eBay had about 12 categories and you could view every single auction in an afternoon. *no lie*). Now eBay is a common everyday word, back then ... "eWhat?"

And now we go on the internet from our laptops and telephones! We blog every stinkin' day, yet forget to call our moms. (Mom I need to call you btw) We're addicted to our iphones and crackberrys. Who would have imagined, 12 short years ago, that we would not be able to live a day without internet.

I admit, that I wax nostalgic for a day when I didn't have to open yahoo to talk to my girlfriend that lives 20 miles away, when I didn't get distracted easily by my square headed friend in my kitchen. But, I'm unwilling to give up technology, look how far we've come in 12 years, and yet I wonder, where will we be in 10 years? 50?

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Nicki, said...

Great journal - and SOOOO true. I have been through the same experience - my husband is BETA King - we have served as guinea pigs for so many technology advancements, enjoying much of the trip. And yes, I remember when we had a touch pad TV remote and everyone just drooled - now everyone's telephone is touch pad. And cell phone - remember when they were the size and weight of a brick and we though we were freaking 007? Thanks for the memories!

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