Thursday, April 2, 2009

Her magesties have arrived

A couple weeks ago, I told you that I ordered 2 Royal Empress Trees online. These trees are supposed to be some of the fastest growing trees in the world, growing from 12-15 feet *per year* (sometimes more).

Me, being the photographer than I am, believes this is an awesome photo opportunity.

I'm going to share pics occasionally, so those ppl out there considering buying a royal empress tree knows what to expect. *After* I had bought them, I did some web searches and found almost nothing valuable.

This is how they were packaged when they came. I was really expecting the infamous sticks that people usually get, but instead I got two cute little bean stalks.

There is snow on the ground!! (it's April 2 here in NW MO). *sigh* So I'm going to try to hold off for a week or two before planting, because if anyone can kill one of these trees, it would probably be me!


ljkiser said...

I linked to your blog from the fastest growing trees website...I am thinking about ordering some of the Empress trees too but now am considering just waiting and watching yours for a season before I commit. LOL I will have to figure out how to "subscribe" to your blog, otherwise I will forget about this completely in my manic-about-growing-trees-ness.

--Leslie in KY (

Lana said...

Hi Leslie!
It's easy to follow the blog. On the right there's a block that says "you should too, srsly" with a button at the top that says "follow" click that and log into your profile and you've followed me via blogger.

There's also an RSS button at the bottom on the right. Hope that helps!

As for the trees, they really aren't that expensive. I figure if I screw up, I'm only out $30 a tree (including shipping)

Millie said...

At the moment I have 4 out of 5 trees looking about like these pictures. I planted them last September & cut the "infamous sticks" to the ground this Spring. In two weeks time they are about 2'' to 5'' high with only one still looking like the non blooming stick. We shall see.
New yard woman East TN

KauaiLover said...

Hi Mz-C,

I am on the edge of my about a summer update on the trees?


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