Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I sweepy

It's been a crazy couple of days.

We have:

  1. Gone on a goose chase
  2. Chased trains
  3. Been a cop paparazzi
  4. Stalked a duck
  5. Antiqued
  6. Loved on a squirrel
  7. Had Easter overload
  8. Ate - a lot
  9. Visited the dermatologist - 3 times - and we're not done yet
  10. Drove 800 miles
  11. Scouted out a dozen antique stores
  12. Breathed in and out at least 4 pounds of antique dirt
  13. Took 157 photos
  14. Went on a tour of storage units
  15. Played scratch off - and won (Gene)
  16. Skipped the Tax Day Tea Party

I have photos to back all that up. No kidding. (cept the tea party thing)

So as you can see, I have a lot of picture catch up to do, but I'm really tired and all I accomplished since I got home, was watching idol, making dinner, washing a couple dishes and crocheting.

Tomorrow, we get a day that we get to stay home! wooot! So I'll be uploading some pics and telling a few stories. In the meantime, my pillowtop is calling my aching back!

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