Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Take 10 min

Today, when I came home from trip from town running errands, I do something that I do frequently.

I turned off the car and sat in the driveway just listening and looking.

Sometimes I just love to hear the nothing, or the traffic that's a mile away, or the birds arguing, or the wind blowing, or the world just growing around me. Right now it's in it's growing stage and it feels good to sit there and let the warm hit my face.

So after about 5 minutes of that, I looked over to my left, saw some smoke that looked like a smoke signal. I decided that I'd take a pic since I'd grabbed my camera on the way out the door. I checked the time, and decided I'd wait a few minutes and take a couple pictures.

It started out with this:


Then I noticed someone's been creeping around my driveway:

No toenails, but I think it's a raccoon.

A few feet away, I noticed one of the hundreds (thousands) of dandelions in my yard. I wondered what one would look like nice and close up:

Time to check on the eggs:

Let's check out the back yard since we're here:
Dirty little bastards. Note to self, buy ant killer

The tree right above that:

The little buds just a few days ago, are new little leaves

I finished up, and as I was unlocking the door, I heard a plane, and I ALWAYS look up (you know my penchant for planes) and I saw this:


The one on the left, is RIGHT over the house, I snapped it with my 18-55mm (standard wide to medium zoom) and RAN in the house for my telephoto and got the one on the right. (I never have exactly what I need at the right moment!)

As I came into the house finally, I looked at the clock, and only 10 minutes had passed.

Then I got to thinking, that everyone can find 10 minutes to create something. Even if it's not a photo, maybe it's a scrapbook page, or a blog post, a little bit of a drawing, or reading 4 pages in a book.

So much can happen in just 10 min.


debevans said...

That was GREAT! What kind of Camera do you have? I always carry a camera with me cause you never know when you'll wanta take a picture of something :) Also, I'm doing the 365 picture a day thing!

Lana said...

Hi Deb..

I have a canon 30D, and also an XT that I don't use a lot anymore. I need to put the small one in my purse, but I usually grab the 30d.

I LOVE the 365, rarely miss a day... cept I did yesterday LOL.

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