Monday, April 6, 2009

Cute Overload - Defined

Let's have a little definition of cute shall we?

Jingles as the little babushka lady. I don't care who ya are, that's cute.

Cadience, Cheyenne and Madison in their Easter dresses we bought them. (technically that's cadience's Christmas dress but I'll let that slide for the moment :p) That's cute. Come on... stick with me folks.

(PS I didn't take this pic, Amy took it and emailed it).

OK, Here's where overload kicks in.

Yes. On a mouse.

Do you have no SOUL????

Look at that little ratatouille face! If I ever wanted to kiss a mouse, it's right now. {envisioning Carol getting all woosy} . Tanner had to clean her cage, and I "got to" babysit. Mouse here, camera there couldn't resist the moment. Hey, it's really hard to photograph a mouse!

Now this is cute, in a "straight to your hips" sorta way. Groceries were low... we had brownie mix. The choice was obvious.

Ok, this isn't cute. This is downright ugly. An ugly creature and an ugly event. :p It was the crayfish disaster of Ought-Nine.

This is the cutest way I could think of, to tell you that it snowed.

Seriously, I could have done something ugly like this, where you can see my left leg is obviously shorter than my right since everything is tilted like a seesaw.

Other things that are not cute:

  1. Laundry today {really, you didn't want to see a pic of mt washmore did you?
  2. Vacuuming today
  3. Dishes today
  4. Pay BILLS today
  5. Being forced to the grocery store because we're out of milk, which means no cereal.
  6. I am pretty sure my sound card has come loose or has fried out of my old computer. That'll teach me not to use it for a footstool while I'm sitting here. No sound = not cool. Now I have to crack that thing open. ugh.
  7. Having nothing for breakfast but toast because SOMEONE ate up everything remotely related to "breakfast" in this house. grrr. Now I'm all light headed from the diet coke rush.

Another busy Monday!


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