Thursday, April 16, 2009

Epic: Official "Lana has been AWOL" Update

"wth is she doing??"

Which ever title works for you is cool with me :p

Gene and I went on a little "explore" (that's what I've called them ever since I fell in love with Pooh. He goes on Explores with Christopher Robin).

We tried to go antiquing in Clarinda, which was a complete bust. Instead we ended up in a gun store which had a junk room. Gene, was in heaven and let's just say he got his Father's Day gift 3 months early. We rounded out the day by going to Bedford to antique, bought some glasses for the bar.

Finally, we went to Parnell to each lunch at the K & T bar where everyone says they have the best tenderloins ever. Maybe not ever, but they were good. However, you do get enough french fries to feed a small Somalian village. You know, I've lived in Maryville for 21 years, and have never once been to Parnell! Stacy's even lived there for like 2 years. I'm a bad person.

{That's what's left after you're full}

You'll be happy you missed out on Gene dressed as a giant Easter bunny. No really, this was seriously considered. There is next year tho. :p

Happy Easter, we spent the day with Gene's family. We brought the ham. Did you know that Gene's freaky brother Steve doesn't like pork products. NO.. not even BACON. What a freak. Who doesn't like bacon?

Hi Steve
Ya freak.

P.S. The KFC was good.


{Easter Dresses}

To make life easier for everyone, we spent the night Sunday night, because we had to be in KC on Monday anyway.


Monday was kinda sucky to start off. Gene had to get his back testing done - and they threw in some last minute crap, that totally threw off my schd so I had to miss a shoot. ARGH.


We also hit some antique stores. As usual. I'm about antiqued out.



We had to get up early and head back to KC for Day 2 of testing. I wondered why he wanted to leave so early, but since he was driving.. I was along for the ride. We ended up early because he had his days mixed up... then he was annoyed we had to wait so long.


After the testing, we did the storage unit auction circuit (buying "repossessed" storage units). We didn't find anything worth buying. Well, not for what we were willing to pay anyway.

I have pics, but I'm getting bored with this epic post.

Tuesday, spent the night in KC again. I'm ready to buy Gene's mom and dad a big old pillow top mattress.


Tax day. Hoofreakinrah. Glad that's done and passed.

His appt wasn't until late, so we killed time searching for scrapbook stores.. erm.. antique stores. :) We happened across a scrapbook store and I gave him the pouty face so we got to stop. So much for my scrapbook purchasing moratorium. HA. That last about 2 weeks.

We were scheduled to go to the tax day tea party in KC, but we were so tired from all the stuff going on, that we just slowly headed north hitting, Parkville, Platte City, Weston and St. Joseph.

I have a lot of pics. I'm going to share those in seperate posts with their own unique stores as I go. Plus my supper is ready and darn it, I'm hungry :p

I'll post more this eve if I get a moment!

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