Monday, April 20, 2009

Robin Watch 2009

It was crazy windy again today. I will be so happy when this season passes. I went to chase down my trash can out of the drive, and then noticed that our flag had blown into the yard. While going to get it, I heard a flutter, only a couple feet from my head.

I look up, and see a Robin sitting nearby.

Then I remembered the nest!


I RAN to get my camera, which for the record, was about 12 feet away, so it's not quite as impressive as it sounds.

I peeked over the side.... anything?


Only three beautiful bright blue Robins-to-be!

I snapped a few more quick pictures, and decided I better leave, because it was a bit chilly, and I'm sure an egg shell is not very warm.

Later, I came back out with my telephoto lens, and slowly worked my way towards here, snapping as I went.


About an hour later, I had to go outside for something, and thought she was gone. It ws then that I realized that she was hunkered down in the wind, probably trying to avoid an updraft!

I feel your pain sister.

1 comment:

Jena said...

You are such a great photographer. It is too bad that I don't live closer because I would love for you to take some pictures of my boys out on our farm.

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