Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Confess ....

1. It's 2 p.m. I'm still in my PJ bottoms. This is a daily experience unless I go to town. I have rejected jeans - even comfy ones. *spit* I get now why ppl wear PJ bottoms to the grocery store.

2. Income Taxes? Done. Late? YES!

3. My spelling pet peeve is aisle/isle. This is common if you read any type of wedding boards at all. Aisle - what you walk down when you get married. Isle, where you go on your honeymoon (surrounded by water)

4. While we're on the topic, it's vacuum. Two u's. (which makes me think of "two uttes?" (from my cousin vinny)

5. I spent a section of my time yesterday (too long) researching apple cider vinegar.

6. I colored my hair over the weekend. Almost farked it up, but actually pretty much fixed it. Sigh. (that's what Amber is saying at me right now :p) "This isn't the same" and "Oh it'll be fine" are things you should not say right before you put bleach in your hair.

7. My paint shop pro has crashed on me twice. I'm trying to make a very small photo, into a 12 x 12 photo. It's not working. I decided to stop before I kicked something hard.

8. I think my camera might be on the blink. I'm upset. It drained a battery super dead overnight.

9. Our small stock investment we made has tripled. If you're wondering, we invested in Ford. Now we wish we'd have put in a couple grand. LOL. If we had, it'd be worth nothing - like GM.

10. I'll think of #10, as soon as I hit post. I promise.

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