Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth day - Part deux


Yesterday, in honor of Earth Day 2009, and also in honor of it being super hot out and I just wanted to take some pics, I went out in my pj's and took some pics of my tree. The tree above is in my front yard. It's not really 98 feet high, it just looks that way. But dude, wouldn't that be cool.

I've been taking pics of this tree, from the same angle for every season, and I only have "summer" left to take. I'm thinking four 16 x 20 canvases of each season. I've become a little too addicted to large pieces of artwork.

Here he is from a different angle. Do you think that it's a "he"? I'm thinking yes.




When I was laying down and taking this photo:


I realized that I was really laying on this:

Of course, I didn't figure that out until about 15 min later that I literally had ants in my pants. LOL. I still itch thinking about it.

While I was shooting pics of the trees, Daddy Robin was having a fit. I mean a flat out, ear splitting hissy super fit. I wasn't even close to him, or Mamma Robin, at one point I turned and said "what the hell did I do to you?"

It was then that I looked up and saw this:

Of course, when I saw it, it was much closer and right over the house and about 98 times larger. Daddy Robin was going to kick some serious ass - or at least try. We *heart* guys that protect their women.

Which got me to thinking what Mamma Robin was up to, and how the baby eggs were doing. Last year, they grew up and flew away in a matter of what seemed like days. She had 2 broods last year!

So I put on the long lense again, and decide to see how close I can get to her, before she takes off on me.

I got to about here:


then an ant bit me on the butt.


When I moved, she flitted away. so instead I'm going to pretend like I got up this close:


which is really an extreme crop, but don't tell ppl, I want them to think I'm super stealth - or have a $29,000 lens.. one or the other. {and in case you're wondering, it's like $650 a *week* just to rent a lens like that... i looked}

So then I decided since she was gone, to see how the eggs were doing... or naked flying rat looking things. {unsure of what stage of gestation we were at at this point}

Oh looky:


Wait for it....




There's 4 now!!

I'm sure she's going to totally regret that. Last year two barely fit in there. I'm wondering if one is going to get pushed out :/ {I understand honey, there's been days. There have *been days*}

I'll stay on top of "Robin Cam - 2009" for you.
In the meantime, I really MUST get back to work. I let the blog distract me for 1/2 hour and I have so much to get done!

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Laura said...

This cracks me up. My husband and I tracked some robins from eggs to flying away. They left us on Monday of this week. I've been chronicling their progress at

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