Saturday, April 4, 2009

International art dealers

You know, Gene and I have always talked about owning some art. I, in particular, would sell a kidney for a Rembrandt etching or a Picasso drawing.

Whenever we go to stores, we're always on the look out for a real painting. Not some print, or litho, or knock off from home interiors. Never do we find anything. Not anything that looks like it might actually be *worth* something anyway.

Gene spotted this one today first, and asked me if it was real, and about 4 seconds I said 'oh yes, it's real'. We came home did a little research and decided that we would go make an offer on what ended up being an original painting by Italian 19th century painter Raffalle Frigerio. It had been owned by a local couple.

Offer accepted!

Never thought I'd have a painting of a crazy italian in my house, so I might end up keeping it after all!

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