Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Foolin'

I really wanted to share a post today to try to fool ya. You know, like saying I was pregnant and we're naming the baby "Abbey Road Cease" (which btw, I actually like that name), or possibly that we won the powerball (which is $109 mill), but I figured you'd be on to me, so instead I'll just say Happy Fool's day.

Gene has been nagging about wanting a blueberry patch since... well since I met him! Fast forward to now, and an extra acre that we do nothing with, he's hell bent on planting a WHOLE ACRE of blueberries. *i'm not kidding*. something about some guy he knew that sold you pick blueberries.

FYI: I don't even like blueberries, except in muffins. That's it.

So, I decided to compromise and about a month ago, I bought him 2 blue berry bushes. Just 2. Yes, that's my compromise. Actually, I'm willing to have up to 6-7, but that's all that Orscheln's had at the moment so 2 it is. So they've been sitting on my counter for a month, and every once in a while, I dribble some water down into the bag and they have really started to grow!

I would really like to actually *plant* them but since they are calling for snow AGAIN I just don't trust they'll make it.

Don't worry Sarah, I have no interest in being in the grape business either!

(someday I have to go to sarah's and take pics of the grapes for you all to see... I've not seen them myself!)

And just a quicky shot of the neighbor's horses. They have 3 and they were all grazing on the south end this morning where I could see them. I think the one on the left was giving me the stink eye before I took his pic. Prolly cuz I'm wearing my bright red PJ bottoms that you can see from *space*.

Things to do today - Grocery shopping, pics for etsy shops, get to reading at least one of the 3-4 books I have in the queue.

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