Monday, April 13, 2009

We're all winners!

The random winner of the tree is:

"Hi Lana,

I also found you looking for fast growing trees trying to replace my pink grapefruit tree that died last summer. I'd love to be in the drawing for the free tree.My own tree story begins in 1970 when I was 7 years old. We had just moved back to Phoenix and moved into a house with 2 huge mulberry trees in the front yard. My brother and I and all the neighborhood children loved those trees. Year-round they were the best place to "play" in the neighborhood. In the fall, the leaves would drop to the ground and cover the entire yard. We made a rooms and hallways on the lawn as we kicked the leaves to make a floorplan of a house. Every couple of days or so, we would have to recreate the house as more leaves would fall.After most of the leaves had fallen, we would rake the leaves into huge piles under each tree. Then we would take turns jumping out of the tree into the piles of leaves. None of us were ever hurt because we had such a big pile.Once the leaves came out in the spring, we would spend more time in the trees. They were so huge we could climb onto the roof. Boy was my dad mad. He cut down those branches as soon as he found out. We used to time ourselves how quickly we could climb all around the tree as there was a huge circle we could manuever without coming down to the base of the branches. We each had out special spot in the trees and would just hang out there for hours talking. In the summer, the leaves were so dense that we could hide up there and watch people without them seeing us. Plus, we were grateful for the shade in the hot days of summer. Regularly, birds would build nests we could watch from the other side of the tree and look down into the nest.I lived there until I was 17 when my parents divorced but still recall those trees with fondness. They were the best trees any children could ever have. Years later, both trees had to be cut down as they became diseased and died. Too bad for the children that live in the neighborhood now. My brother and I still speak of how much fun we had during those years climbing and playing in the mulberry trees of Keim Drive.Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story.


Jenn... email me your address and I'll have it sent to you.

I only had a few entries. I guess you all missed out! I'll have another one soon.

Also, this post makes post #400! Whoot!

We just got home a bit ago. I'm so exhausted I don't have time for an update or pics or *anything*. It's been such a long day and my bed is telling me it missed me.

I'll be gone all day tomorrow, and home on Wednesday night. I'll just have to share pics, update then.

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